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Cole's Corner

Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog, I ♥ TO.  This city is energetic and home to delicious food, unique art, spectacular fashion, and strong drinks.
But now it's time to give you a inside look at me.

History: Old King Cole 

Growing up in the small town of Renfrew, I always had dreams of living in the energy of the big city.  I did what any other kid in a small town did.  I hung out with friends, played a few sports, read.... a lot, and looked for a ticket out of my town.

Cole Porter..... Almost 

My first ticket out of my farming town lead me tap dancing across stages in many shows.

I danced through the halls of East High's High School Musical, flew to Neverland in Peter Pan, and even coughed up fur-balls in Cats. 

But my most adventurous gig brought me around the world as a lead singer on an exclusive Japanese Ship.  "Konnichiwa!!!!!"

Cole's Notes 

After spending five years travelling and performing, I decided to try my creativity in a different medium.  I then hit the books ..... and Twitter when I started taking my degree in public relations.

It was through those angst-filled halls of Humber College where I developed a love for blogging and discovered the power of the written word.  

I started I ♥ TO and soon started my Sex and the City-esque blog, The Game.  My catch phrase soon became "be careful what you say, it might end up in a blog!"

A Taste of Cole Haan Flare

Moving from a town where designer meant a flannel John Deere Jacket, I was beside myself with this fashion-forward city.

Like any young city slicker I would find myself spending my weeks grocery money on a beautiful blazer.  I found that fashion fed my soul more.

One of  my favourite pastimes would be collecting and putting together fashionable attire.  Whether I am spending a months rent on Burberry sunglasses or striking some great deals in the vintage stores on Queen West, I am always sure to go home feeling confident.

So that is a quick summary of myself.  I hope that you enjoy my adventures here in TO and I encourage you to search for your own Toronto gems.


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