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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Anyone Remember What Happened at The Madison?

Two weekends ago was my good friend Tammy's Birthday and she decided that we were going to go to the Madison.  Then when I discovered that it was located in the Annex village, I knew that this was going to be an interesting night. 

 The pub did not look large when we were standing in line, but once you were inside, I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland.  The different rooms within this bar, consisting of three Victorian homes, were never ending.

Founded in 1983 this bar consists of:

  • Six British style pubs
  • A total of 12 bars!!!
  • Three kitchens
  • Five patios
  • Four fireplaces
  • Two pool tables
  • Three dart areas
  • Over 50 TVs

But the best thing about the Madison was that there were live singers and musicians in almost every major section of the pub.  We ended up in an area with this amazing singer who could play and sing anything the crowed threw at him.  It was clear that he was a favourite at the Madison.

What made it even more exciting was when the singer knew one of our friends and asked her up to sing.  The amazing Stacey Bulmer is quite the power house singer herself and had the bar at her fingertips.  I have to say it was nice after she was done singing that we got a lot more attention for the night. 

When the pub got busy at 11:30 pm I knew that it might be a crazy night.  Plus before we started we only had sushi.  What was that going to soak up?

Luckily we were able to get a good group shot before the night got messy.  This actually might be the last thing some people remember, right Carolina?  I never knew this beautiful little girl could be such a party animal.  Clearly a girl after my own heart.  I also recommend they make the table booths closer to the floor for those who accidentally tumble, but I won't mention names... for the birthday girl's sake;)

If you have any stories from the Madison let me know if they were as crazy as mine.

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  1. I Live right around the corner Cole, right off of Huron Street....It's always packed friday and saturday, it's a great area to have an awesome time! i was also able to experience the patio to the fullest with a bunch of buddies late summer. It's quite a happening spot! :D

  2. Thats amazing Steven, I really need to check out this place in the summer time for the patio season.