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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Singing Tunes at The Gladstone

Like to sing rock?  How about jazz? Or what about a love song from The Backstreet Boys.  If you are a fan of karaoke then you have to check out Melody Bar at the Gladstone Hotel

I know when you think of karaoke an overly-florescent karaoke room in the midst of Chinatown or a place where all the singers look like convicts enters your mind.  But the Melody Bar is a completely different story, its packed!!!  But I guess that's what happens when you are voted the "best karaoke bar" in Toronto by NOW.

The Gladstone is known as the oldest continuously operating hotel in Toronto.  This Queen West hotel was built in 1889 and was known as a last stop for artists passing through Toronto after performing at Massey Hall.   

But it was the new renovations that the Melody Bar went through this past year that enticed me check it out. Our group was expecting horrible singing, but we were presently surprised that almost everyone sang like professionals. 

Sound-A-Likes of the Evening
1. Amy Winehouse - she rocked my socks
2. Barenaked Ladies - was so spot on it was cray-cray
3. Janis Joplin - performed by my lovely wife!

Now I don't know if the singers were getting better throughout the night or if I was just getting more drunk, but the entertainment was killer. And even!!!  Even the jolly host of the karaoke had some impressive pipes.  My personal favourite was the "Applause" sign that he would hold up for each singer.  

Not Just Karaoke

The Gladstone also has:

1. The Ballroom
2. The Gladstone Art Gallery
3. The Art Bar
4. The Gladstone Cafe

Whether you want to visit the Gladstone to crash from your travels or dine on some great cuisine, you must take a second and hit up the Melody Bar  to bust out a tune.

I ♥ TO

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