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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Only In TO: Characters at ComicCON

Alright all you boys, girls, and superheroes; today is the day for the 2012 ComicCon event at the Toronto Convention Centre.  I was told by my room-mate that this event was happening today and I didn't want you to miss out, so I got some good shots!

So at 8:30 I forced Kenny out of bed to assist me in capturing the superheroes in their natural environment.

I knew that the comic world had a huge following but I did not know that it was enough to fill the Convention Centre.

Among all of the crazy costumes I was able to capture a shot of Green Girl.  She had her face all painted and everything.  I wonder what the after effects of having green cream on your face all day would be.

Naturally, there also was a huge Anime following.  Here are two cute characters.

Chic Bo Peep

This costume may have been a little crazy for the Toronto fashion scene, but this was the leading style in Harajuku.

Pikachu Punk

I think this girl went out to the wild with a shotgun and killed a poor innocent Pokemon.  Then she decided to gut it and wear it on her head.  But she seemed to make it work by adding a fluorescent blue wig that she probably stole from Nicki Minaj.

The best part was when Kenny approached this little gang of warriors and their leader Jack tried to get us to join their fellowship.

Now I don't know how much help we would be as we forgot our Lightsabers at home,  but we were still given an invitation to attend the battle at Roundhouse Park.

I searched Jack and his gang's YouTube site and found a very bloody battle video for your viewing - The Ontario Cosplay Wars 1st Ever Epic Battle Brawl!

Only In TO

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