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Monday, 16 January 2012

Get Your Coffee Fix

Hello Everyone.  My name is Cole and I am a caffeine-aholic.

Anyone that knows me is aware that I have a slight addiction to coffee.  Actually lets be honest, I am almost at the point of shooting coffee up my veins.  So I was extremely excited when my friend Yuki agreed to come to Jet Fuel with me.  I have only heard of how great the coffee was here, but it was also the atmosphere that makes Jet Fuel a worthy place to visit in TO.

This hip coffee spot is located in Cabbagetown close to the corner of Parliament and Carlton street and is a clear hot spot of the area.  The second you walk in there is a bar equipped with a real espresso machine and jars of baked goods.  Right beside the cash register there is also a stand with your choice of sweeteners and milk to add.  My favourite was the molasses sugar they had.

If you walked further through the venue there are tables and booths filled with people on their laptops, reading or just catching up with a long lost friend.  The walls are red giving the place this vibrant feel, with a great amount of current art work splattered throughout the coffee shop.  But what really wins you over is all the sports swag supporting Jet Fuel's cycling team, which is one of Canada's longest running cycling teams.

However it was not until I looked over the counter to see our two entertaining servers when I realized I was in a unique place.  When I noticed their saucer like eyes and the slight perspiration on their brows I knew that they shared my same addiction.  I was only able to get them to stand still for this slight second to snap a photo and then they were off again talking a million miles a minutes and pumping out amazing cups of caffeinated heaven.  They may not have a menu, only serving the regular espresso based drinks, but what they lacked in variety they made up for in quality.

Yuki's Drink: The wonderful Jet Fuel latte where you could watch the art of the steamed milk swirling with the espresso.

Cole's Drink: The classic cappuccino with a head of foam so stiff and thick you had to eat it with a spoon.

If you want a vibrant coffee shop to visit, go to Jet Fuel.  If you want to be entertained by your barista behind the counter, go to Jet Fuel.  If you need to itch that caffeine addiction, go to Jet Fuel.  But remember to bring cash because those baristas don't take plastic, they want their cash up-front for the drug they sell.

I ♥ TO


  1. Cole's Drink: the "classic cappuccino!" (wink!) with a head of foam so stiff and stick, you had to bend over, and eat it with a spoon. comment.

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  3. I can't wait to try this place!