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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Who Wants Gourmet Grilled Cheese?

For all you Humber College students out there!  Are you tired of living in the middle of nowhere?  Do you miss the abundant amount of food choices that downtown offers?  Are you tired of always eating over-priced cafeteria food?  Well look no more, Melt has just arrived to save the day!

My friend Arden mentioned one day that she just got a job managing the social media for Melt. The more we talked about Melt, the more I fantasized about gourmet grilled cheese.  I was ready to hand in my stale Pizza Pizza.

Just a hop, skip and a jump down Lakeshore from campus and we were at Melt.

How To Pick Your Melt

Step 1: Choose the Melt that will satisfy your craving.

Step 2: Pick the type of bread you would like.  Choice from white to ancient grain.

Step 3: Add some love to your melt with choice of drink and fries.

Step 4: Pick some toppings for your gorgeous sandwich.  Pick from lettuce, cucumbers, hot peppers and many others.  Or get it all... life is short.

Step 5: Pick your dipping sauce.  I recommend the chipotle mayo.

Once your sandwich is finished you are ready to fill that after-school starvation.

My Choice:  The Tattooed Chicken Melt

I heard that this melt was the most popular... and this sandwich lived up to its expectations.  The best part about the melts are that the tomatoes are actually a bruschetta mix, making this sandwich gourmet!!!

Dessert Melts

And if you are craving something sweet and salty the Sweet Stuff is a wonderful supplement.  This chocolate infused melt with a whipped cream dipping sauce will put you into a sugar coma.

So if you hate the food in the cafeteria or are scared you might get shot in the sketchy local restaurants, come to Melt.  And on Thursdays show your student card and get 15 % OFF!!!

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