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Monday, 28 November 2011

Toronto Lights Up For Christmas

This past Saturday, Toronto  was lit up for its 45-year old tradition, The Cavalcade of Lights.  This spectacular event was presented by Scotiabank and brought Toronto together in Nathan Phillips Square to illuminate our Christmas spirit. 

The event started Saturday at 7 pm where it featured a fantastic firework show and the official lighting of Toronto's Christmas tree.  There were also featured performances by Kellylee Evans, Jarvis Church and rising stars Justin Hines and Victoria Duffield.  

But it was not just the concert and fireworks that added to the event.  The square was filled with people bearing lights of all different kinds.  The live DJ gave an extra bounce to the  skating rink where people got to meet Jamie Sale.  But most of all it was the energy of the Christmas spirit that brightened up the evening, another reason why I love this city. 

I ♥ TO 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Only In TO: Dirty Pet Beds

I had no idea that a cute little cat bed could be so dirty.  Take a look.....

Only In TO

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gourmet Poutine Anyone?

Its Friday night in TO and once two a.m. hits Queen Street West is flooded with people that are half in the bag and HUNGRY!!!!

There is no need to worry, in the heart of this bohemian village there is a little piece of munchy heaven, Poutini's House of Poutine.  This gourmet poutine shop is located on 1112 Queen Street West, and good news, is open till 3:30 a.m. to rescue those who suffer from "midnight snack" hunger.  No need to look so worried Kenny lets grab some good ol' fresh cut fries with cheese curds and gravy.

Some Kenny and Cole recommended choices:

Poutini's Traditional Poutine

Poutini's fresh cut fries, with cheese curds and homemade gravy, for as little as $4.99.

The Works Poutine

Poutini's traditional poutine with added bacon, sour cream, and chives.  Get a large for only around $9.

Poutini's is the Armani of the poutine industry.  Not only do they freshly make their gravy and fries in-house, but they also receive fresh cheese curds daily from Maple Dale Farms

Are you on a diet? Don't fret! Poutini's also makes vegetarian and vegan/gluten-free gravy so that no one feels left out with this tasty experience.  Also the staff are funny and extremely social adding to this great experience.  So next time you are done at the bar, pay Poutini's a visit, you will never have to go to Pizza Pizza again.

I ♥ TO

Friday, 18 November 2011

CN Tower Edgewalk + Cole = Bridget Jones

I know it took me forever to post this, but here is that front lean trick that you will do on the CN Tower's Edgewalk.  My roommate Brittany is cool and collective, I am a hot mess.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Only In TO: "Yugoslavia Forever and Ever, F#@* You!!"

This week on "Only In TO" a crazy woman having an episode on the subway.  And yes I am inches away from her.  How I was able to videotape her without attacking me, I have no idea.  But it is clear that if you ever do get bored in TO jump on the subway.

Only In TO

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Raw Foodies Unite

There is no need for an oven in this restaurant, every thing is RAW!!!!!

Three weeks ago my mother was down in the city and I was given the challenge of finding a place to take her for dinner.  Normally in Toronto this is not an issue for this is a very restaurant-based city. However there is one catch..... she is a raw vegan.  Thank god I live with two vegetarians, it gave me an advantage. 

I told my roommate Brittany about my predicament and she said the best place for raw food is Rawlicious.  A subway ride away and a few steps from the Yonge subway station and we were at Rawlicious in Yorkville. 

My sister Rebecca and her very cute boyfriend accompanied mom and I, but we were still waiting for one more important part of the family..... my wife.  So while we waited for her we treated ourselves to the tasty smoothies that Rawlicious makes.  My personal favourite is the creamsicle smoothie with nutmilk, orange, avocado, vanilla and agave

There's my wife... now we can get started.  Sorry, I got so focused on the smoothies I forgot to give you the background of Rawlicious. 

Rawlicious is a restaurant that serves 100 per cent raw food.  This very charming spot holds no more then twenty customers and its art decorated walls create a very comfortable atmosphere.   Rawlicious is a living foods cafe that does not cook anything over 118F so you get all finest enzymes the food contains.... and it tastes pretty damn good too.

There are some great dishes I recommend on this menu:

Taco Wrap

A lettuce wrap containing salsa, nut cheese, tomato, nut-loaf and my favourite, guacamole!!

Nacho Platter

Rawlicious nacho chips with sliced green olives, green onions, hot banana peppers, and the classic salsa, raw sour cream and guacamole.

And for Dessert:

Blonde Macaroons

Coconut, cashew, vanilla and maple syrup... sounds good to me.

Cheesecake of the Day

Selection changes daily, but it was the lemon cheesecake that was the special that day.  I almost pass out from the pleasure it brings just thinking about it.

So, raw foodies I suggest you try Rawlicious and bring along a friend that prefers cooked food, I am sure that they will be pleasantly surprised.  I know I was and I am a "Meatatarian" that burns his food when he cooks.  Rawlicious is another aspect that adds to this amazing city. 


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Only In TO: Fall on Yonge Subway Tracks

I was walking down the Yonge escalator on my way home when I heard screaming and was surprised to see a rush of people run towards the tracks.  Looking at a clump of people I hear someone calling for help and through the chatter of others discover that someone has fallen on the tracks.  I try and get a closer look and turn quickly, feeling ill when I see a puddle of blood on the floor through the feet of the spectators.

The police were at the scene within seconds and working there magic got the crowds under control while tending to the injured, luckily not dead, man on the floor.  From the sounds of people talking, it was clear that the man had fallen accidentally.  The cops quickly were rushing us on to the train as the paramedics were tending to the unconscious man.

Did anyone hear anymore information?  Let me know.

Only In TO

Monday, 7 November 2011

Mexican Fiesta!!!!!

This is an amazing restaurant, how did I not know about this place?  That introductory video to open my blog starred my friend Luis dancing with a random person in the restaurant, La Mexicana.  And yes, he was accompanied by a full Mariachi band.  If you are looking for a fiesta with an authentic Mexican style restaurant La Mexicana is the place for you. This is not a place for a quiet romantic date, however if you seek a loud and entertaining sense of community come on down to La Mexicana.

One La Mexicana location is found across from the Toronto Reference Library just north of Yonge and Bloor.  This restaurant brings authentic Mexican dishes, as well as traditions, to the city of Toronto.  La Mexicana is a family run business that brings Mexico city right to your table, literally.  This restaurant has a live Mariachi band equipped with singers that get the crowed up and dancing.  And of course you can not have the taste of Mexico unless you order a Margarita, I suggest the Guava flavoured one.

I really didn't know what to expect when my friend Armando (little man) told me about this place, but now I wish I knew about this venue sooner.  So Daryl, Luis, Maggie, Little Man and I immersed ourselves in the Mexican environment.

There are many Mexican dishes to pick from at La Mexicana:

Guacamole Dip

Fresh guacamole, salsa, and chips all for $8, I love guacamole!!!

Queso Fundido

Diced peppers and sausage inside melted mozzarella and Oaxaca cheese, with soft pita bread on the side.


For just $14 I was given a great plate full of Mexican treats.  There were three soft corn tortillas stuffed with red salsa and melted cheese then baked and topped with sour cream and onions.  But that was not all, they also gave me a salad and choice of rice or beans as a side.

We were all very pleased with the dinner and this active Mexican environment.  I mean look how happy everyone is.

La Mexicana does not only provide you with great Mexican food but also a great Mexican experience.  I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to liven up their evening in the city.  So grab your sombreros and head to La Mexicana!!!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Gay-Old-Time in Halloween Town

The place to party on All Hallows Eve is Toronto's gay village.  The only traffic on Church St. that is allowed during this night's festivities are ghosts, goblins, and drag queens.  It is just one giant party and it is no wonder that it attracts so much attention.

There were line ups to all the major bars:

However, I got an invite to a weekly Monday night event called FML at Fuzion by my horned friend Andrew.  Among other amazing event planners, Andrew collaborates on this weekly FML industry night, but this occasion took the cake. 

Fuzion is a high end resto-lounge style venue with elegant settings within a beautiful Victorian building.  This building is sectioned off into different rooms making it perfect for a private party.  It also has one of the most beautiful summer patios on the strip with trees strewn throughout the space.  However, tonight is unlike any other as Fuzion becomes a busy night club.  As I head towards the dance floor I run into my good friends, Hugh and Esme.  They both are lookin' hot.  Hey, did you know they are sisters?

FML is an event located on the upper floor of Fuzion every Monday night where a live DJ packs the house with some of the best beats.  I arrive with my 'wife', but there is so many people we lose each other.  No need to worry, just look for the woman squeezed into a Shrek costume that was meant for a child.

The night was a great success.  I had a blast and got to party with some cool freaks.  Halloween may be over on Church St. but there is still an array of costumes and characters found in this area on any given day.

And then there was my sad attempt at a last minute costume.  Can you guess what I am? ..... A fairy... get it?

Church St. on Halloween.  Another reason why I love this amazing city.

I ♥ TO