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Monday, 31 October 2011

I Love Haunted TO?

When it comes to ghost stories I am always the first person to rationalize the reasoning behind a creepy event.  I find that if you look closer into the eerie situation it never is what it appears to be.  That shadow of the horned figure actually belongs to your Aunt Ruth or the high pitched screaming is really your cat stuck in the washing machine you just turned on.  However, I thought what better time of year to suspend disbelief and let my imagination take over.  I mean what is better then a Halloween blog on October 31.  So when my mom signed my friend and I up for a ghost walk, I decided to open my imagination up to children running around with a bed sheets over their heads..... oh sorry, I mean ghosts.

So as many of my friends know, my crazy mother came down this weekend, and one way to easily entertain her is by taking her on a scary ghost walk.  So I found myself allowing my mother to sign us up for "The Ghosts of the University of Toronto."  For those of you who have an interest in the afterlife or anything spooky a fun company to look at is Muddy York Walking Tours.  This tour based company is dedicated in bringing the past back to life in many different areas of Toronto.  It also is an exciting way to learn some of Toronto's history without passing out from boredom in class.

Some of the stories I found hard to believe, despite the engagement our tour guide had on the rest of the group.  Yulia, my "wife" made up for my lack of enthusiasm by asking many questions to the tour guide.  I have to admit he was very consistent with his stories.  However, without trying to spoil the tour, the story with the man trying to hack through the door with an axe to kill his victim shared a great similarity with a scene in The Shining.  I think we all know the scene I am referring to, "Heeeerrrrrree's JOHNNY!!!"  But supposedly it happened, because there is an axe mark in the door.

There were many stories that the tour guide shot out causing chills to run down the spines of the others on the tour, but I was just not feeling creeped out one bit.  It wasn't till he told us the story of Celest.  Now, to start, Celest is a little girl ghost and I don't know who came up with the idea of children spirits, but children in the afterlife are f#$*ing creepy.  Supposedly Celest is a small ghost that lives in the old planetarium which once used to be a mansion in where she lived.  There were many stories of Celest playing tricks on people who worked in the building in hopes to get their attention.  The tour guide told us that many people on the tour have seen her behind these doors, sad and lonely, trying to get the attention of anyone who will listen. 

I have to admit this last story of Celest made a small chill run down my spine and turned me into a believer of the afterlife, just for a second.  The ghost walks offered by Muddy York Walking Tours are something I would really recommend for ghost lovers at heart.  It was good enough to make a believer out of me, one of the biggest and toughest critics.  Take a good look at the picture above, where Celest is normally found.  Is that a small ghostly orb in the right corner?

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  1. Good post Cole! I have to admit I love this kind of stuff. When I was younger I went on a tour through Kingston's haunted fort Henry that was lit only by the tour guide's lantern. One of the creepiest experiences in my life!

  2. Creepy!! I may have to do this with my boyfriend on Saturday.
    Also, I hope you never put your cat in the washing machine...

  3. Ya I herd Kingston has some really good ones:) And I may have put my cat in the washing machine oooops:)

  4. Oh you know how much I love Ghosties!!! I should definitely look into this when on an adventure in Toronto!