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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Only In TO: Fall on Yonge Subway Tracks

I was walking down the Yonge escalator on my way home when I heard screaming and was surprised to see a rush of people run towards the tracks.  Looking at a clump of people I hear someone calling for help and through the chatter of others discover that someone has fallen on the tracks.  I try and get a closer look and turn quickly, feeling ill when I see a puddle of blood on the floor through the feet of the spectators.

The police were at the scene within seconds and working there magic got the crowds under control while tending to the injured, luckily not dead, man on the floor.  From the sounds of people talking, it was clear that the man had fallen accidentally.  The cops quickly were rushing us on to the train as the paramedics were tending to the unconscious man.

Did anyone hear anymore information?  Let me know.

Only In TO


  1. So scary!!! I hope the man was okay!

  2. Very scary and from what I heard he was okay, thank god.

  3. Oh my goodness... that is terrifying. It is always my fear that I will fall onto the tracks whenever I take the subway... and now I will be even more paranoid.

  4. Also, when I read "Fall on Yonge Subway Tracks" I thought you were going to talk about how you loved "Fall" the season. I didn't realize this blog was going to be so morbid. lol

  5. I always prefer seeing Subway falls in autumn - not sure why....