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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Change!!!

Hey readers,

I have made the change to Wordpress!!! Same old blog but better looking!!! Check me out and follow me at

See you soon.

I ♥ TO

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Only In TO: Pirates of Starbucks

Just a regular day in Toronto.  Grabbing a Starbucks and passing a pirate reading the paper.

Only In TO 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Eat Like a King at Sambucas

Just because you have a shopping problem does not mean that your dinning budget has to suffer.  Thank God for Prix Fixe menus!!!

Almost half a year had gone by since I had seen my good friend Maria.  Luckily she was not afraid to call me out on being guilty for friendship neglection. 

So when I asked her where she wanted to go she mentioned Sambucas on Church. So a streetcar ride, a shut down subway, and a frantic sprint to the Village and I was reunited with my dear friend.
You may ask, "Why Sambucas? There is nothing overly unique about this restaurant" Oh, but there is! Well, maybe not so unique as it is filling.

There is this blog worthy prix fixe menu at Sambucas that gives you a fancy three course meal for only $25!!!

Naturally, since I over spent my weeks budget on cloths and vodka, I thought this prix fixe menu was a gift from God.  While we eagerly picked our three course meal we ordered a classy drink to accompany our dinner..... a pitcher of Keith's!

My Three Course Meal

Starter: PEI Mussels
These scrumptious sea crustaceans were served in a light curry cream sauce.  So skip the salad or soup and go right for the mussels.

Main Course:  12-ounce T-bone Steak
Served in a red wine peppercorn sauce and accompanied by mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.  Need I say more.

Dessert: Creme Brulee

Now I know that this picture doesn't do it justice, but this creme brulee is HUGE!!!

As if the first two portions weren't large enough, it seemed as if they were trying to kill us large amounts of food.  This creamy vanilla custard, topped with caramelized brown sugar was served in a soup bowl.

It was a good thing we had a lot of catching up to do because we had to take our time consuming this feast in order to avoid a food coma.

So if your stomach is larger than your wallet size, then I suggest grabbing a seat at the Sambucas on Church and ordering from the prix fixe menu.

I ♥ TO

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Only In TO: Fierce Weave Salon

Yes, what is in front of your eyes is real.  The name of this fierce weave salon is TRIMEKA!!!!  I forced my friends Lauren and Arden to capture these fluorescent weaves on camera, when the front door opened and the owner yelled, "What are you taking a picture of?" When I looked over at the horrified expressions on my two partners-in-crime's faces I knew I was driving this car on my own.  So I made friends with the B$@*$ and she invited us in to see her pieces of weave art.  And yes, those weaves in the window are real!!!!

Only In TO

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Who Wants Gourmet Grilled Cheese?

For all you Humber College students out there!  Are you tired of living in the middle of nowhere?  Do you miss the abundant amount of food choices that downtown offers?  Are you tired of always eating over-priced cafeteria food?  Well look no more, Melt has just arrived to save the day!

My friend Arden mentioned one day that she just got a job managing the social media for Melt. The more we talked about Melt, the more I fantasized about gourmet grilled cheese.  I was ready to hand in my stale Pizza Pizza.

Just a hop, skip and a jump down Lakeshore from campus and we were at Melt.

How To Pick Your Melt

Step 1: Choose the Melt that will satisfy your craving.

Step 2: Pick the type of bread you would like.  Choice from white to ancient grain.

Step 3: Add some love to your melt with choice of drink and fries.

Step 4: Pick some toppings for your gorgeous sandwich.  Pick from lettuce, cucumbers, hot peppers and many others.  Or get it all... life is short.

Step 5: Pick your dipping sauce.  I recommend the chipotle mayo.

Once your sandwich is finished you are ready to fill that after-school starvation.

My Choice:  The Tattooed Chicken Melt

I heard that this melt was the most popular... and this sandwich lived up to its expectations.  The best part about the melts are that the tomatoes are actually a bruschetta mix, making this sandwich gourmet!!!

Dessert Melts

And if you are craving something sweet and salty the Sweet Stuff is a wonderful supplement.  This chocolate infused melt with a whipped cream dipping sauce will put you into a sugar coma.

So if you hate the food in the cafeteria or are scared you might get shot in the sketchy local restaurants, come to Melt.  And on Thursdays show your student card and get 15 % OFF!!!

 I ♥ TO

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Only In TO: Characters at ComicCON

Alright all you boys, girls, and superheroes; today is the day for the 2012 ComicCon event at the Toronto Convention Centre.  I was told by my room-mate that this event was happening today and I didn't want you to miss out, so I got some good shots!

So at 8:30 I forced Kenny out of bed to assist me in capturing the superheroes in their natural environment.

I knew that the comic world had a huge following but I did not know that it was enough to fill the Convention Centre.

Among all of the crazy costumes I was able to capture a shot of Green Girl.  She had her face all painted and everything.  I wonder what the after effects of having green cream on your face all day would be.

Naturally, there also was a huge Anime following.  Here are two cute characters.

Chic Bo Peep

This costume may have been a little crazy for the Toronto fashion scene, but this was the leading style in Harajuku.

Pikachu Punk

I think this girl went out to the wild with a shotgun and killed a poor innocent Pokemon.  Then she decided to gut it and wear it on her head.  But she seemed to make it work by adding a fluorescent blue wig that she probably stole from Nicki Minaj.

The best part was when Kenny approached this little gang of warriors and their leader Jack tried to get us to join their fellowship.

Now I don't know how much help we would be as we forgot our Lightsabers at home,  but we were still given an invitation to attend the battle at Roundhouse Park.

I searched Jack and his gang's YouTube site and found a very bloody battle video for your viewing - The Ontario Cosplay Wars 1st Ever Epic Battle Brawl!

Only In TO

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Singing Tunes at The Gladstone

Like to sing rock?  How about jazz? Or what about a love song from The Backstreet Boys.  If you are a fan of karaoke then you have to check out Melody Bar at the Gladstone Hotel

I know when you think of karaoke an overly-florescent karaoke room in the midst of Chinatown or a place where all the singers look like convicts enters your mind.  But the Melody Bar is a completely different story, its packed!!!  But I guess that's what happens when you are voted the "best karaoke bar" in Toronto by NOW.

The Gladstone is known as the oldest continuously operating hotel in Toronto.  This Queen West hotel was built in 1889 and was known as a last stop for artists passing through Toronto after performing at Massey Hall.   

But it was the new renovations that the Melody Bar went through this past year that enticed me check it out. Our group was expecting horrible singing, but we were presently surprised that almost everyone sang like professionals. 

Sound-A-Likes of the Evening
1. Amy Winehouse - she rocked my socks
2. Barenaked Ladies - was so spot on it was cray-cray
3. Janis Joplin - performed by my lovely wife!

Now I don't know if the singers were getting better throughout the night or if I was just getting more drunk, but the entertainment was killer. And even!!!  Even the jolly host of the karaoke had some impressive pipes.  My personal favourite was the "Applause" sign that he would hold up for each singer.  

Not Just Karaoke

The Gladstone also has:

1. The Ballroom
2. The Gladstone Art Gallery
3. The Art Bar
4. The Gladstone Cafe

Whether you want to visit the Gladstone to crash from your travels or dine on some great cuisine, you must take a second and hit up the Melody Bar  to bust out a tune.

I ♥ TO

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Only In TO: Streetcar Rumble

Someone needs to tell this idiot that if you try to fight with a TTC streetcar you won't win!  Naturally this had to happen to my streetcar when I was already late for work.  Cole + Life = Bridget Jones!!

Only In TO