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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Gay-Old-Time in Halloween Town

The place to party on All Hallows Eve is Toronto's gay village.  The only traffic on Church St. that is allowed during this night's festivities are ghosts, goblins, and drag queens.  It is just one giant party and it is no wonder that it attracts so much attention.

There were line ups to all the major bars:

However, I got an invite to a weekly Monday night event called FML at Fuzion by my horned friend Andrew.  Among other amazing event planners, Andrew collaborates on this weekly FML industry night, but this occasion took the cake. 

Fuzion is a high end resto-lounge style venue with elegant settings within a beautiful Victorian building.  This building is sectioned off into different rooms making it perfect for a private party.  It also has one of the most beautiful summer patios on the strip with trees strewn throughout the space.  However, tonight is unlike any other as Fuzion becomes a busy night club.  As I head towards the dance floor I run into my good friends, Hugh and Esme.  They both are lookin' hot.  Hey, did you know they are sisters?

FML is an event located on the upper floor of Fuzion every Monday night where a live DJ packs the house with some of the best beats.  I arrive with my 'wife', but there is so many people we lose each other.  No need to worry, just look for the woman squeezed into a Shrek costume that was meant for a child.

The night was a great success.  I had a blast and got to party with some cool freaks.  Halloween may be over on Church St. but there is still an array of costumes and characters found in this area on any given day.

And then there was my sad attempt at a last minute costume.  Can you guess what I am? ..... A fairy... get it?

Church St. on Halloween.  Another reason why I love this amazing city.

I ♥ TO


  1. Hey guys, I hope you all had as much fun this Halloween as I did:) Post some pics of your costumes I would love to see:)

  2. Looks like you had a great night! Maybe I'll have to join you next year!

  3. Loving the blog my sexy little baked good! Keep it up!

  4. So much fun!! You were cute!
    Esmé and I are sisters from different misters :P

  5. He slept with the sparkles on ya'll!!! LOL! I though I was waking up from a bad James Bond nightmare!!! ...You know...Goldfinger? When Goldfinger kills that poor b**ch by suffocating her skin with gold paint? Ya! That was my hubby...LOL! I’ve inserted a link for all you youngsters, or for those of you who weren’t forced to watch Bond…like me, when I was a child, lol:,r:17,s:0

  6. Lauren you need to come next Halloween for sure it is so much fun:)

  7. I love that you love my blog my fabulous cupcake and Hugh I had no idea you were so convincing in a wig:)

  8. And for my wife, I love you!!!!!!! YYYYYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That was awesome! Such a good night! Thanks for coming boo! Blog away!

  10. Anytime my love, and of course let me know of the next event:)