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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nirvana Fills Night Desires

         It's the midst of mid-terms, I haven't slept in days, coffee is pumping through my veins, and I don't know if I have time to eat, when my friend Tammy asks, "Catherine is in town from England and we are going to Nirvana, you in?"

         I look at my books, take a hit of my drug of choice from my Starbucks cup and say, "Of course I am!"

       Across the street from Sneaky Dee's I enter Nirvana's front door with my friends Tammy, Catherine and her fiance Saul.  For anyone that does not know of Nirvana, it is a lounge style restaurant located at the corner of College and Bathurst close to Kensington Market.  This dimly lit bohemian venue displays expensive looking decor but contains a menu that is very inexpensive.
       There are many things to try at Nirvana but there are a few things on the menu I would recommend for your first time.

Pita and Hummus

Exactly as the title states a plate with grilled pita and Hummus, which is good enough for me.  I mean who doesn't love Hummus.

Avocado and Brie Sandwich

A beautiful combination of Brie cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomato, on  whole wheat bread with a side of sweet potato fries for around seven dollars!

KLB Raspberry Wheat Beer

Nirvana offers a wide variety of cocktails, beer and wine, but be sure to try this amazing draft beer with a hint of raspberry.

      Nirvana was very busy this past Tuesday night so I am sure this is a spot you would want to hit up if you are on the College strip on a Saturday night.  And one last note before I forget..... Congrats to the newly engaged couple!!!!

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  1. Been there for brunch. Good food, great vibe!!!!!!

  2. Really? I should try brunch, who doesn't love brunch?!!!!!