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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Update on Protesters Camp-Out for “Occupy Toronto”

Dozens of tents offering shelter, protesters reading stories to passing children, guest speakers giving motivational speeches, and an overall sense of community.  There is no lack in charisma that the protesters display for passing listeners as they further express their opinions during their camp-out in St. James Park.

For the last two weeks protesters have been camping out, rallying and spreading the word against economic inequality.  The movement of  "Occupy Toronto" is proving to be as influential as its American counterpart.

The protesters are receiving support from several unions adding to the volume of their voices.  Many activist groups are also speaking out against economic inequality, such as Toronto's "Stop the Cuts" committee.  The following is a quick clip of their efforts in this uprising and what their group stands for.

It is clear that this movement is extremely exciting and definitely a part of why I love this amazing city. I suggest that you go and see first hand the unfiltered sound of the protesters in their camp-out.  I will also keep track of what the protesters are saying when I am not in class.  Please, if you have any updates feel free to comment under my blog of any new information you come across.

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