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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

BPR's Guu'd Night Out

"What do you mean it's going to be an hour long wait?"

Don't let the painfully long wait keep you from eating at Guu, go around the corner and grab a drink at the nearest bar to tide you over because this is a Japanese experience you do not want to miss.  This traditional style Japanese Tapas restaurant is located close to the corner of Gerrard and Church and offers you with a unique experience that brings your right to the heart of Japan.  

It was my good friend Nam that recommended this restaurant to start our Saturday night and guided our group through Guu's exciting menu.  Following traditional Tapas style we all ordered different dishes and shared our choices with each other.  There were definitely some Guu'd dish choices that I would recommend. 


This amazing pan fried udon with beef, mushroom and scallions is a good introductory dish for those who are new to the Japanese experience.  Even ask Katie!!!!

Scallop and Enoki Mushroom

One of my personal favourites, scallops and enoki mushrooms wrapped with pan fried bacon  and flavoured with soy sauce and karashi mayo.

Seaweed Salad 

A well known Japanese dish is the marinated seaweed on greens and I can never get enough of it.

Salmon Natto Yukke

Even people who "don't eat fish" like Arden love this salmon sashimi with wonton chips and egg.

Guuuuuu'd Sake

What tops your Japanese experience more then a cup of warm Sake?

Now if you are looking for a quite peaceful night, Guu is not your choice.  The serving staff here is extremely vocal and always spend the time to celebrate a birthday.

Three Funny Things to Pay Attention to in This Video

1. The pissed of guy who leaves the celebration.
2. The size of the guys beer mug at the end of the video!!!!!!
3. My side commentary of "That could have been better"

I recommend this Japanese Tapas restaurant because it has Guu'd food, Guu'd service and is a Guu'd time...... I will never get tired of saying that!!!!!  And besides look how happy we all look.

So put Guu as one of your spots to hit in Toronto.  There is nothing more to say but Oyasuminasai!!!!!!!!


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