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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Power of AMY's Voice

Last Sunday afternoon my roommate Brittany told me of this event that she would be singing at.  Now I have seen Brittany perform many times in many different venues, but I just don't have the time to come to every show stopping performance of hers.  But when she told me the performance was for a great cause I completely forgot about my ethics paper I needed to write.

She said the event was called "Creators In-Sync", an arts mentorship program for young women, called the AMY Grad Program.  I knew this sounded interesting so I dropped my PR Ethics book and headed to their hosting venue ..... Harlem.

Around the corner of Church and Richmond there stood the quaint, yet trendy Harlem.  As I walked up the stairs I did not only hear the talent from above but could also feel the energy as I progressed to the top floor.

On the upper floor the event took place, with a small stage set up at one end of the room with many attended young artists.  Though the stage was small, the talent in the room was larger then life.  The audience was graced with poetry, songs, and musical talent all composed and created by these young artists.

The AMY Grad Program was started by two AMY grads Kate Welsh and Copper Brown.  This special program was first awoken in 2011 to continue developing the skills, networks, and leadership opportunities for young women who completed the annual AMY program.

AMY Program Elements

AMY Buddy Program - a peer mentorship training of AMY grads followed by partnering them with new participants to pay-it-forward.

Grad Workshop Series - professionally designed development sessions to help the growth of young artistic talent. 

AMY Outings - Trips to cultural events and shows bringing the many grad generations from the program together to meet and build networks. 

All the money raised for the event was used to keep the spirit of, not just the AMY Grad Program strong, but those of the young women and the talent they love to share.

To know more about the AMY Project check out their blog and their Facebook.  To help donate to their cause check out their indiegogo campaign on-line, which closes Friday so hurry!!!! 

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