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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

O That's A Lot of Sushi

Who goes North of Bloor St. unless you are going to the Mandarin?

Well folks, I got a new reason to visit up-town, and that reason is Sushi O.  This very charming restaurant has great sushi and has an element to it menu that everyone loves... all-you-can-eat!!!  When it comes to sushi people want their choice of everything and personally the only way to get my sushi fix is to visit an all-you-can-eat spot.  But good all-you-can-eat sushi quality is hard to find.

It was my hot tamale of a friend, Mayra, that convinced me to come with her to this sushi experience when Sushi O personally tweeted her.  All-you-can-eat sushi? Why not!!!

This wonderful spot, located around the corner of Younge and Eglinton has a very amazing layout.  We were seated in the smaller dinning room for lunch but when I ventured through this location I found a area where there was a kitchen station in the centre of a table where you could have the chef prepare sushi right in front of you.

The all-you-can-eat lunch is $13.99 and the dinner is $19.99, of course the dinner menu offers much more selection.  Mayra really wanted Shrimp Tempura, so she forced me to upgrade to the dinner menu, which luckily was loaded with a greater selection.

Once you fill place your order there is buffet area where you help yourself to miso soup and salad.  Another cool thing is the ice cream section where you can have your pick of green tea and mango ice cream.

Mayra and Cole's Recommended Items

Mayra's Choice - need I mention?  The Shrimp tempura was so great we upgraded to the dinner menu for it.

Cole's Choice - The Rainbow Dragon Roll (naturally) a roll topped with tuna, salmon, red snapper and avocado.

Mutual Agreement - Salmon Avocado Roll

Sushi O really puts all-you-can-eat sushi on the TO map and is a place I would recommend for any sushi lover.  But make sure you are starving because the mounds of food you are given will overwhelm you.

I ♥ TO

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